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Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah
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Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah
Shirley Pappin

43 West 9000 South
Sandy UT 84070
(801) 568-0789

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Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah

Shirley Pappin is the president and sole owner of the Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah. The Divorce Mediation Institute was founded in 1998. Since July of 2004 she took over as full owner from a previous business partner. Her goal now is to become an ally with attorneys and to continue in her efforts to protect the on-going nature of the family. She sees the value of mediators assisting attorneys and attorneys assisting mediators to reach resolution for clients.

She is on the administrative office of the courts rooster and in 2003 became a master mediator. She has mediated over 3000 sessions and has implemented many innovative process and techniques to assist her clients. The process that she employs provides attorneys with a well written memorandum of understanding. It provides the clients with a structured forum and her facility accommodates caucus settings.

She is a member of the
Association of Conflict Resolution and served on the Utah Council of Conflict Resolution in its infancy.

Please Call: 801-568-0789

Please Call: 801-568-0789

Sandy UT Divorce Attorney

Main Page  Shirley Pappin  Dan Bass

  Certified Divorce Financial Analysts  Other Divorce Specialists  Why Mediation Works  Divorce Basics

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